Why Choose CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank

CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank utilizes stringent processes, highly advanced technologies and high-quality practices as guided by the CORD:USE team of the world's leading cord blood physicians and scientists to protect your family's cord blood.

CORD:USE is obstetrician led and directed by an unparalleled team of the world's leaders in cord blood banking, research and transplantation. The CORD:USE team of cord blood leaders and experts have experience with thousands of cord blood transplants and are recognized as many of the world's foremost cord blood experts. For more information regarding the CORD:USE Team of Cord Blood Experts, click here.

CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank will protect your family's cord blood at a state-of-the-art laboratory at which your baby's cord blood will be processed and stored using similar types of high-quality cord blood banking practices and technology that are utilized with our public cord blood bank which places units into the federally created National Cord Blood Inventory. For more information regarding the quality practices and advanced technologies utilized by CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank, click here.

We know that expectant parents choose family cord blood banking because they want to do everything they can to protect their family. That's why CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank will utilize what its team of world leaders believe are the best processes and technology in order to do everything we can to protect their families' cord blood.

We look forward to protecting your family's cord blood and being your Baby's First BankSM.